(Source: white-ermine)


Luckily I had the decency to pretend not to notice you avoiding me

I am moaning through my teeth,
Heart slamming against my ribcage
Bruising my bones, inside out
Instead of running, my knuckles ask for more
More cries more bruises, but always less hope
That one day you’ll live inside my skin,
That’s decaying like a rotting cage
My lungs have not inhaled pure air since you
They have flattened out like popped balloons (that you had filled)
I am gasping for oxygen.
Your hands cover my face,
and slowly my muscles unclench
and i drop into your beautiful, murderous arms.
There’s nothing I love more than
Your hand clamped over my red, raw
Screaming mouth
That’s all I know
Being picked up and thrown out violently .
Don’t you get it? I’m starting to like it.

tamalette/popo collab